Frequently Asked Questions

What is CooperCare Link?
CooperCare Link is a web-based portal that provides non-Cooper physicians with read-only access to their patients' Cooper EPIC medical records. Non-Cooper physicians may place orders for labs and imaging studies at Cooper plus schedule appointments with Cooper specialists. They may also use secure electronic messaging to communicate with Cooper physicians.

How does CooperCare Link work?
Each user with access to CooperCare Link at your practice will have a unique userID and password.

What is required for my office to participate?
Each practice is required to have a legal authorized representative sign a Site Access Agreement and the Terms and Conditions of Use (which requires completion of HIPAA training).

What equipment and browser are required to access CooperCare Link?
You must use one of the following Internet browsers to access CooperCare Link:

  • Microsoft Internet Explorer 6 (for Microsoft Windows platforms)
  • Mozilla Firefox (for Microsoft Windows platforms and Mac OS X platforms)

CooperCare Link requires a minimum screen resolution of 1024x768 pixels. While you can use a dial-up Internet connection to access CooperCare Link, we recommend that you use a high-speed Internet connection to achieve the best system speed and performance. In addition, you need Java enabled to display graphs and scanned images in CooperCare Link.

How do I get started?
To start using CooperCare Link, go to and follow the steps as outlined. You will need to provide:

  1. Practice Name and Address
  2. Site Administrator
  3. Practice Physician
  4. Signed Site Indemnity Agreement faxed to:

    Office of General Counsel
    1 Federal Street, Suite S-400
    Camden, NJ 08103-1157
    Fax: 856.361.1960

    (Only an authorized representative of your practice may sign the form.)

How long does it take to get an account?
Once the account is submitted, generally it takes two weeks to set up the account.

Once I submit the information online, what happens next?
After the practice's account has been approved and created, your site administrator and physician will receive their userIDs and passwords via US mail.

How do I get training for CooperCare Link?
Training guides are designed for three specific groups:

  • Clinician and RN User Guide
  • Front Office User
  • Site Administrator User Guide
  • Community User Quick Start Guide (combination of the three previous)

You'll gain access to the training guides with access CooperCare Link.

Who can reset my password?
Your site administrator can reset your password. If your site administrator can't perform this function, you may contact CooperCare Link Support at

Does CooperCare Link help my practice attest to Meaningful Use?
No, CooperCare Link does not address specific Meaningful Use criteria but it is a useful tool for your physician office practices and chart reviewers.

Is there a cost to use CooperCare Link?
No. However, you may need to update your computers, browsers or access lines to meet system requirements. Each practice is responsible for the costs of the equipment, maintenance, supplies, etc. required for access to and use of CooperCare Link.

How do I get support for CooperCare Link?
Please contact us at

Can my office staff have access?
Once your practice's account has been approved and created, your site administrator will have the ability to use CooperCare Link to request accounts for additional office staff.

Should I use CooperCare Link in place of physician-to-physician contact?
No, CooperCare Link is a tool to enhance the communication process. Communicating in person or via the telephone will still be necessary in certain instances.

What is the time period for viewing my patients' medical records online through CooperCare Link?
Immediately, once you have a userID and password for CooperCare Link.

Does CooperCare Link enable me to see my patients' entire medical records?
Yes, CooperCare Link will enable you to see all the information available in your patients' electronic medical records at Cooper.